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Member Organisations


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of New Zealand Inc. (AOPA)

AOPA advocates on behalf of members to keep the cost of private and recreational flying affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. It also encourages the social aspect of flying with like-minded people who share a passion for aviation.


Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand Inc. (AHSNZ)

We are New Zealand’s oldest historical society devoted to aviation history in New Zealand, both air force and civil. Established in 1958 AHSNZ holds a pre-eminent position with its dedication to primary research, recording and sharing of our rich aviation heritage. Our published resources in word and photographs are vast and form an invaluable resource for the aviation community. Our growing membership is located all over New Zealand with many members contributing to our publications or themselves working on books, online blogs and feature articles. Jurisdiction is aviation happenings right up until yesterday (now history!) and we welcome new members with their experiences and interests.


Sport Aircraft Association NZ Inc (SAANZ)

SAANZ is devoted to promoting and assisting the private aircraft builder and flier. We work to further the cause of sport flying in all its forms and to stimulate the interest of the aviation enthusiast.


Flying New Zealand

We have forty-six aero clubs located throughout New Zealand offering the highest professional standard of flight training and supervision. Flight training for both private and professional licences, plus much more.


Aviation New Zealand

Aviation New Zealand champions the international development of New Zealand's aviation exports, encourages the development of scale through collaboration, and connects international customers with appropriate solutions developed in New Zealand.


Model Flying New Zealand (NZMAA)

Model Flying New Zealand promotes and manages model aircraft flying in New Zealand.


We run national competitions, help modelers to compete overseas, support fun fly-ins and rallies, develop safety guidelines, produce a magazine (four times a year) called Model Flying World. We supply insurance for members, encourage clubs and liaise with Government bodies, the Civil Aviation Authority, Radio Frequency Services and other organisations.


In short, we do our best to see that you can fly your model in as safe environment as possible and enjoy this fun sport and hobby!


New Zealand Warbirds Association (NZWA)

The New Zealand Warbirds Association is an organisation dedicated to the preservation, restoration and operation of historic ex-military and classic aircraft.  Our mission is to ‘Keep ‘Em Flying’ for the enjoyment and education of present and future New Zealanders.


We also function as a national umbrella body, responsible for the safe management, advocacy and operation of these aircraft throughout New Zealand. Our membership is an active group of aviation enthusiasts and professionals who provide a wide range of training, skills and support necessary to maintain, display and operate historic aviation machines.


Wairarapa Flying Tigers

The aim of the Society is to restore and to preserve, vintage aircraft in flying condition, for display to the public, and for enthusiasts who wish to become members.


Gliding New Zealand (GNZ)

Technical administration of gliding as a sport was established in New Zealand with the formation of the NZ Gliding Association (NZGA) in 1947. GNZ holds a certificate under CAR Part 149 that allows it to conduct flying training courses, conduct competency assessments, authorise glider maintenance, and to administer the associated personnel certification processes


New Zealand Parachute Federation

The NZPF primarily promotes sport and recreational skydiving within NZ, supporting skydiving at a local and international level. Through their shareholding in the NZPIA (New Zealand Parachute Industry Association) and links with CAA, they also advise on progression and standards.


Aircraft Engineering Association of New Zealand (AEANZ)

AEANZ was formed out of the engineering division of the Aviation Industry Association. The main purpose of the restructure was to allow individual membership of the Association. Previously, membership was restricted to companies. Other benefits include the greater sharing of knowledge, education and work experiences and the professional development of aircraft engineers.


The New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation (NZAWA)

NZAWA is an enthusiastic group that aims to foster friendship amongst women interested in all aspects of aviation. Through our network, meetings, rallies and newsletters, we encourage you to extend your knowledge and experience in your chosen sport or profession. You have access to a great network of women who are involved either professionally or recreationally, in a wide range of aviation activities.


New Zealand Airshow Association (NZASA)

NZASA promotes the professional representation and performance of air shows in New Zealand as well as the promotion of safety and excellence in the airshow industry. NZASA serves to enhance the air show sector by insisting on business integrity and sustainability through communications, educational and other programmes which are designed to meet the needs of it's members.


Balloon Aviation Association of New Zealand (BAANZ)

BAANZ is the National representative organisation for Ballooning in New Zealand . BAANZ is a non-profit organisation that is run by a team of volunteer members located throughout the country. BAANZ encourages and promotes safe and compliant Ballooning activities.


Royal Aeronautical Society NZ Division (RAES)

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) is a UK based world-wide organization with divisions and branches in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Europe, South Africa, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. The Society, founded in the UK in 1866, is the oldest aeronautical society in the world and has evolved into a global focal point for the entire aerospace community. The RAeS is a learned society and is the professional body for the aviation and aerospace industries. Professional membership is available to those working in aviation and aerospace.


The Honourable Company of Air Pilots, New Zealand Region

The Company was established as a Guild in 1929 in order to ensure that pilots and navigators of the (then) fledgling aviation industry were accepted and regarded as professionals. In 1956, the Guild was formally recognised as a Livery Company. In 2014, it was granted a Royal Charter in the name of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. The principal activities of the Company are centred on sponsoring and encouraging action and activities designed to ensure that aircraft are piloted and navigated safely by individuals who are highly competent, self-reliant, dependable and respected.


Uncontrolled Airport Association of NZ Inc.

The Uncontrolled Airport Association (UAANZ) represents a growing number of uncontrolled aerodromes in New Zealand that face operating and real estate challenges. The membership currently comprises thirteen aerodromes, and it is recognised that the power of collective action to achieve common outcomes will prove beneficial in the long run. Being a member of the NZ Aviation Federation (NZAF) enables UAANZ to access the myriad of overlapping aviation interests within the NZAF organisation itself. Strength in numbers and common purpose will continue to energise and grow the UAANZ membership over time. Collective action has secured a funding stream for UAANZ members and a management structure to establish instrument flight procedures (IFP) at uncontrolled aerodromes.


The Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand (RAANZ)

Microlights are the fastest growing sector of general aviation, and range from the most basic bugs-in-your-teeth flying machines to high tech/high performance craft that make your average Cessna look like an underpowered brick.  The common factor is less than 600Kg all-up weight, less than 45Kt stall, and no more than 2 place.  RAANZ administers microlight Pilot, Instructor and inspector certificates and ratings under its Part 149 delegation.



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