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Submission to CAA on NPRM 19-04 PPL Medical review


In 2017 CAA advised they would review the PPL medical requirements to see if an alternative medical to be administered as for the current RPL would be feasible.


There was an initial consultation / questionaire sent out and submissions to that were taken and summarised by CAA. From that point a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) was provided to the Ministry of Transport who accepted the project for a potential rule..


The draft Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) was issued on 6th December 2019. The NZ Aviation Federation was not content with the process used to decide on what privileges would be allowed if the alternative medical was accepted. It was decided to engage TDB Consulting to provide an independent analysis of the risks associated with those privileges that were to be prohibited.


The original closing date for submissions was 27th January 2020 and NZAF obtained a one week extension to 3rd February 2020.


We have now received that report from TDB Advisory and prepared our submission on the basis of that report and our international information regarding similar PPL medicals.

If we are successful the cost of medicals to private pilots will reduce substantially as a DL9P will be the accepted medical administered by your own GP. 


View and down load our documents by clicking on the link below.


2020-01-27 NZAF Submission on PPL Medical reform NPRM 19-04 (.pdf Format; 484Kb)


2020-01-23 TDB Advisory Risk Analysis report PPL Alternative medical (.pdf Format; 1421Kb)


We invite you to consider the NZAF submission and to present your own submission to CAA in support of the NZAF document. by going to the CAA website at ;




+64 274 715 701




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